Bearwalk Empire 2017

The 4th annual Bears On The Boardwalk event. Bears On The Boardwalk is now a official part of Bear Syndicate Entertainment NFP. This year they plan on making Bears On The Boardwalk THE BEST EVER BEAR RUN PERIOD!

The FIRST EVER of its kind, a FULLY Immersive Bear Event, from the moment you arrive at registration, until the moment it ends, every aspect is being put into place, the decor, the events, heck even the hotel is circa 1930’s. The organizers are going to make this the biggest and best Bears On The Boardwalk Yet!


You are one of the most respected authorities in your field. We NEED YOU, Our Geek Bears got carried away and actually created a TIME MACHINE, if that was not bad enough, THEN THEY USED IT!

As far as we know three of our friends have been sent back in time to somewhere in the 1930's. It gets worse, we believe they are somewhere in Atlantic City New Jersey 1930's. Organized crime was rampant in those days and we are fearing the worst has happened.

Now we have noticed a time shift happening and well.... thats not in end of our reality not good. We need YOU to go back there find our friends and bring them back AND fix the time shift. So far we have figured that a prominent figure of the 1930's was murdered way before their time, now time, the time and history we know is un winding and changing, our very timeline. Everyone we have contacted said YOU are the best there is at this, will you HELP US PLEASE

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